Did any one get this error? ERROR: linked structure was modified

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    Attached is my code. Does any one know why I get this error? "ERROR: linked structure was modified"
    Thanks for your time.

    def getIntersectionNode(self, headA, headB):
        if headA == None or headB == None:
            return None
        hA = headA
        while hA.next != None:
            hA = hA.next
        hA.next = headB
        slow = headA
        fast = headA
        while fast != None and fast.next != None:
            slow = slow.next
            fast = fast.next.next
            if slow == fast:
                p1 = headA
                p2 = slow
                while p1 != p2:
                    p1 = p1.next
                    p2 = p2.next
                return p1
        return None

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    Take care of the note #2 :

    The linked lists must retain their original structure after the
    function returns.

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    Have you figured out how to maintain the linked structure? I break the circle before I return the result. but it still complains that the linked structure was modified

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