Simplify Path Solution in Python

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    The idea is to split the given path with the split separator "/" and then loop through the list and handle the different possibilities we can encounter in a Unix path.

    We keep a current list holding the final path.

    If we encounter a '.', it means the current directory so we can ignore it.

    If we encounter a '..', it means we need to pop the last element of the list as we have to go one folder back

    Then if we encounter the name of a folder, we just add it to the list.

    Finally, we join our list using the separator "/".

    def simplifyPath(self, path):
            result = []
            levels = path.split("/")
            for l in levels:
                if l == ".":
                elif result and l == "..":
                elif l == "":
                    # If the result list is empty but the current level we are dealing with is '..', make sure we don't add it to the result list
                    if l != '..':
            # If the given path was "/", we want to return "/"
            if not result:
            # with this we make sure that the first element of the path is "/"
            final_result = "/".join(result)
            return final_result

    The time complexity is simply O(n), with n the size of the splitted path.
    The space is also O(n) as for the worst case we have to store in our result list all the path.

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