Easy 2-line mathematical solution without language specific manipulation (JAVA)

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    The idea is that we need to find out how many bits are needed to fit a number in a base 2 system. We, therefore take log2(num) which tells us how many times we need to divide the number by 2 to get 1 as the answer. This by extension helps us find how many bits are required.

    public int findComplement(int num) {
                int ceil = (int) (Math.log(num)/Math.log(2));
                return ~num & (1 << ceil) - 1;

    For e.g. 10 is represented as 1010, log2(10) gives us 3, hence we require at max -> 2^3 (4) bits
    Next, we reduce 2^3 by 1 to get a mask of 111. This is done because no matter what the input is, the leftmost bit will be 0.
    Simple negation and ANDING the number gives us the answer

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