Swift sliding window solution

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    My Swift solution with sliding window was time limit exceeded. Is it because Swift is slower?

    class Solution {
        func lengthOfLongestSubstring(_ s: String) -> Int {
            var i = 0
            var maxNum = 0
            var checkDict = [String: Int]()
            for j in 0..<s.count {
                let character = s[s.index(s.startIndex, offsetBy: j)]
                if let existingIndex = checkDict[String(character)] {
                    i = max(existingIndex, i)
                maxNum = max(maxNum, j - i + 1)
                checkDict[String(character)] = j + 1
            return maxNum

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    I converted the string to array first and it worked! Because Swift string index is not O(1), it's O(length of string).

    let sArr = Array(s)

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    Yes, the same solution in many languages works fine, but fails because of swift implementation details. The window for swift solution should be shifted up

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