My thought process about the magic formula of virtual indexing

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    I guess some guys share the same confusion about the magic formula (2*i+1)%(n|1) in the brilliant solution by @StefanPochmann
    Hereby I would like to share my thought process about how to prove the correctness of this formula.

    To begin with, let's start from a simple example:

    Given index 0,1,...,8, we would like to have rewired indices as below:
    On the magic formula, look at the first part 2*i+1:
    it means for i and i+1, A(i+1) = A(i) + 2 when A(i+1) < n.
    Hence we will start from 1,3,5,...
    If n is odd, 1,3,5,... will end up with n%n = 0
    then the sequence will become 1,3,5,...,n-2,0,2,4,...
    Note that upper bound of i is n-1, hence the sequence will end with:
    (2*(n-1)+1)%n equivalent to 2*(n-1) + 1 - n  = n-1
    For now we can see how this magic formula works if n is odd. The mapped sequence of indices will be:

    After the discussion on n is odd, we can easily discuss the situation when n is even:

    If we still mod n instead of n+1, of course we still start from 1,3,5,...
    But notice that to make the formula work, the mapped sequence will reach n-2, which is even;
    then turn to 0,2,4,...,n-1, where n-1 is odd.
    Hence we definitely need to alter n to n+1.

    Hope this post may help someone.
    Thanks much for this brilliant solution.

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