Java 10line one TreeSet AC

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    class MedianFinder {
        private TreeSet<Double> tset=new TreeSet<>();
        private int n=0;
        private double mid=0,base=0.00001;
        /** initialize your data structure here. */
        public MedianFinder() {
        public void addNum(int num) {
            double newNum=(double)num+base*n;
            if(n==0) mid=newNum;
            else if(n%2==1){
                if(newNum<mid) mid=tset.lower(mid);
            else if(newNum>mid) mid=tset.higher(mid);
        public double findMedian() {
            return (n%2==1)?(double)(Math.round(mid)):(double)(Math.round(tset.higher(mid)+mid))/2.0;

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