Simple 17ms recursive C++ solution

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    Use two values to check if the node is valid

    class Solution {
        bool dfs(TreeNode *root, long kmin, long kmax)
            if(!root) return true;
            long val = (long)root->val;
            if(val >= kmax) return false;
            if(val <= kmin) return false;
            if(!dfs(root->left, kmin, min(kmax, val))) return false;
            if(!dfs(root->right, max(val, kmin), kmax)) return false;
            return true;
        bool isValidBST(TreeNode *root) 
            if(!root) return true;
            if(!dfs(root->left, LONG_MIN, root->val)) return false;
            return dfs(root->right, root->val, LONG_MAX); 

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