O(n^2) solution with explanation

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    The height of the base of each box is the highest top of any other box already dropped that overlaps along the x-axis.

    So for each box, we iterate over all previously dropped boxes to find the base_height of the new box. The default is zero (ground level) if no overlaps are found.
    If there is no overlap between a box and a previous box, then they are separate and will not stick, so the new box will not go on top of the previous box.
    If there is overlap then the base_height of the new box will be the max of the previous base_height and height of the top of the previous box.

    Store the height of the new box as being base_height + side_length. Then append to the result the higher of the previous maximum height and this new box height.

    class Solution(object):
        def fallingSquares(self, positions):
            :type positions: List[List[int]]
            :rtype: List[int]
            heights, result = [], []    # heights is the top edge height for each box dropped
            highest = 0                 # greatest height so far
            for i, position in enumerate(positions):
                left, side_length = position[0], position[1]
                base_height = 0         # default if no overlap with any boxes
                for j in range(i):      # loop over all previously dropped boxes
                    prev_left, prev_side = positions[j][0], positions[j][1]  
                    if (left + side_length <= prev_left) or (left >= prev_left + prev_side):
                        continue        # no overlap between this box and previous box
                    base_height = max(base_height, heights[j])
                heights.append(base_height + side_length)
                highest = max(highest, heights[-1])
            return result

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    @yorkshire shouldn't heights.append(height + side_length) be heights.append(base_height + side_length)

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    @chaitanyaphalak Yes, thanks for pointing that out, I just changed the name for clarity but missed that. Corrected now

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