Why Memory Limit Exceeded

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        class Solution {
            TreeNode *build(vector<int> &preorder, vector<int> &inorder, int bp, int ep, int bi, int ei){
            // bp(ep) : begin(end) index of preorder;
            // bi(ei) : begin(end) index of inorder;
            //the first element in preorder is the root, find root in inorder,
            //then the left part of root in inorder is the left child
           // and right part is the right child, recursively build left subtree and right subtree.
                if(ep - bp < 0)
                    return NULL;
                if(ep == bp)
                    return new TreeNode(inorder[ep]);
                TreeNode *result = new TreeNode(preorder[bp]);
                int l = 0;
                /*find root in the inorder vector*/
                for(int i=bi; i<= ei; i++){
                    if(inorder[i] == preorder[bp])
                TreeNode *left = build(preorder, inorder, bp+1, bp+l, bi, bi+l-1); 
                TreeNode *right = build(preorder, inorder, bp+l+1, ep, bi+l, ei);
                result->left = left;
                result->right = right;
                return result;
            TreeNode *buildTree(vector<int> &preorder, vector<int> &inorder) {
                int n = preorder.size();
                if(n == 0)
                    return NULL;
                return build(preorder, inorder, 0, n-1, 0, n-1);

    And I get Memory Limite Exceeded, Could you help me to figure out the issue?

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