Easy to understand C++ recursive DFS

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    Summary: Use DFS to find contiguous chunks of 1s, increment area count by 1 for each neighbor cell which is also part of the island ( i.e. neighbor cell has value of 1 ), and "sink" each island cell included in the ongoing count ( i.e. set the cell value to 0 ).

    class Solution {
        int maxAreaOfIsland(vector<vector<int>>& grid) {
            int m=0;
            for (int r=0; r<grid.size(); ++r){
                for (int c=0; c<grid[0].size(); ++c){
                    if (grid[r][c]){
                        int curr=dfs(grid,r,c);
            return m;
        int dfs(vector<vector<int>>& grid, int r, int c){
            if (!(0<=r&&r<grid.size() && 0<=c&&c<grid[0].size())) return 0;
            if (!grid[r][c]) return 0;
            return 1
                +dfs(grid,r-1,c)  // top
                +dfs(grid,r,c+1)  // right
                +dfs(grid,r+1,c)  // bottom
                +dfs(grid,r,c-1); // left

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