Explain to me why this solution is bad

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    I'm really working hard on improving my BST algorithms and understanding. It hasn't been easy but I've made some progress.

    The following is what I came up with before viewing the solutions, and I haven't really fully understood the proposed solutions yet.

    It'd be real helpful if someone could point out the shortcomings of this solution, as it does work.

        def convertBST(self, root):
            :type root: TreeNode
            :rtype: TreeNode
            if not root:
            stack = [root]
            vals = []
            while stack:
                node = stack.pop(0)
                if node.right:
                if node.left:
            def helper(node, vals):
                if not node:
                node.val += sum([num for num in vals if num > node.val])
                helper(node.left, vals)
                helper(node.right, vals)
                return node
            return helper(root, vals)
    Thank you

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    Why don't you tell us why it's bad? After all, you're the one calling it bad.

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