Design a student CV

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    class Student{
    Biodata biodata;
    Academics academics;
    List<Project> projects;
    List<Internship> internships;
    List<Certification> certifications;
    Career career;
    class Biodata{
    String firstName;
    String lastName;
    Date dob;
    String fathersName;
    String address;
    String phoneNumber;
    int age;
    class Academics{
    String stream;
    String department;
    String course;
    String classXMarks;
    String classXIIMarks;
    String bachelorsCGPA;
    // only if applicable
    String mastersCGPA;
    class Project{
    String projectTitle;
    String projectDuration;
    int duration // months
    class Internship{
    String topic;
    String description;
    int duration // months
    String mentor; // mentor's name
    String institution; // university or company that you've worked during the internship
    class Certification{
    String title;
    String description;
    int duration // months
    class Career{
    String careerObjective;
    String technicalSkills;
    String achievements;
    String extraCurriculars;
    String hobbies;

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    @jangbahadur said in Design a student CV:

    @sriramr really good and simple design.

    I had something similar approach.
    First I think of real CV and divided into sections.

    | header | --> employee details {name, contact, address etc}
    | body | --> projects {worked on}, education{school, college}
    | footer | -> technologies worked.

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