Clean and easy Java solution for Word Ladder problem (Two-side BFS)

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    I've tried DFS and one-directional BFS and both of them were giving me time limit error. Then I decided to go with two-side BFS, and it was still timing out. Then I realized the problem was that I was trying to build the whole graph at the beginning, which was time consuming. All of this led me for more dynamic approach of generating new words, apparently it was 5 times faster than pre-building the whole graph.

    Coloring is used for "intersecting the circles": one starts from beginWord, second from endWord. At the moment they intersect we stop and count the distance for both, and the sum is result.

    class Solution {
        Map<String, Integer> wordDepth;
        Map<String, Integer> colors;
        Set<String> words;
        Set<String> used;
        int minDepth;
        int dictSize;
        String endWord;
        String beginWord;
        boolean found = false;
        public int ladderLength(String beginWord, String endWord, List<String> wordList) {
            if (!wordList.contains(endWord))
                return 0;
            this.minDepth = Integer.MAX_VALUE;
            this.dictSize = wordList.size();
            this.beginWord = beginWord;
            this.endWord = endWord;
            used = new HashSet();
            words = new HashSet();
            colors = new HashMap();
            wordDepth = new HashMap();
            for (int i = 0; i < wordList.size(); i++) 
                if (!wordList.get(i).equals(beginWord))
            colors.put(beginWord, 0);
            colors.put(endWord, 1);
            bfsTwoSide(beginWord, endWord);
            return found ? this.minDepth : 0;
        public void bfsTwoSide(String beginWord, String endWord) {
            wordDepth.put(beginWord, 1);
            wordDepth.put(endWord, 1);
            String[] q = new String[dictSize + 1];
            int left = 0;
            int right = 1;
            q[left] = beginWord;
            q[right] = endWord;
            while (left <= right && !found) {
                char[] curWord = q[left].toCharArray();
                String curWordStr = String.valueOf(curWord);
                for (int i = 0; i < curWord.length; i++) {
                    char old = curWord[i];
                    for (char c = 'a'; c <= 'z'; c++) {
                        curWord[i] = c;
                        String newWord = String.valueOf(curWord);
                        if (words.contains(newWord)) {
                            if (!used.contains(newWord)) {
                                q[right] = newWord;
                                colors.put(newWord, colors.get(curWordStr));
                                wordDepth.put(newWord, wordDepth.get(curWordStr) + 1);
                            } else if (colors.get(curWordStr) != colors.get(newWord)) {
                                this.minDepth = wordDepth.get(curWordStr) + wordDepth.get(newWord);
                                found = true;
                    curWord[i] = old;

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