Straightforward python 10-line solution, using O(nm) time O(nm) space

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    def imageSmoother(self, M):
        :type M: List[List[int]]
        :rtype: List[List[int]]
        res = [ [0]*len(M[0]) for _ in range(len(M)) ]
        for i in range(len(M)):
            for j in range(len(M[0])):
                surroundingcells = [ (_i,_j) for _i in (i-1,i,i+1) for _j in (j-1,j,j+1) ]
                value, count = 0,0
                for ti,tj in surroundingcells:
                    if 0 <= ti < len(M) and 0 <= tj < len(M[0]):
                        value, count = value + M[ti][tj], count + 1
                res[i][j] = value // count 
        return res

    Pretty straightforward, [ [0]*len(M[0]) for _ in range(len(M)) ] generates an array with the same dimensions as M filled with zeros. Then iterate over all points in the array. For each point, [ (_i,_j) for _i in (i-1,i,i+1) for _j in (j-1,j,j+1) ] generates all 8 surrounding cells and itself. Check each surrounding point, if it is not out of bounds, add it to our sum. Compute the average and set it in the result array.

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