JAVA 2 HashMaps + Sorting + Hashcode solution

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    I used two hashmaps:

    1. To store the mapping of string index i of strs[i] to the hashcode of sorted strs[i]
    2. To store the mapping of all unique hashcodes to List of strings whose sorted version has the same hash code.

    Code below should be self explanatory. It took 34ms.

    class Solution {
        public List<List<String>> groupAnagrams(String[] strs) 
            //Stores the mapping of index of any string strs[i] to hash code of sorted strs[i]
            HashMap<Integer,Integer> h = new HashMap<>();
            //Stores the the mapping of hashcode of of the above sorted strs[i] to anagrams of strs[i] avaliable in strs
            HashMap<Integer,List<String>> m = new HashMap<>();
            //Stores the final answer
            List<List<String>> ans = new LinkedList<>();
            //Checking for base conditions
                return ans;
            int i=0;
            int l = strs.length;
            //For each string in strs
                //Converting to char array for easier sorting of strs[i]
                char[] arr= strs[i].toCharArray();
                String s = new String(arr);
                //Generating hashcode of sorted strs[i]
                Integer code = s.hashCode();
                //Mapping of index of string to hash code of sorted strs[i]
                //If no element has been seen wrt to the given hashcode
                    //Form a new linked list
                    List<String> lst = new LinkedList<String>();
                    //Add the string strs[i] to this list
                    //Put the list in the map
                    //Get the existing list of strings
                    List<String> nlst = m.get(code);
                    //Add the current string to the list
                    //Map the hash code to this updated list
            //For each entry in hashmap
            for(Map.Entry<Integer,List<String>> iter: m.entrySet())
                //Get the linked list corresponding to a particular hashcode
                List<String> slst = (LinkedList<String>)iter.getValue();
                //Add it to the final answer
            //Return final answer
            return ans;

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