Java backtracking concise and easy to understand

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    class Solution {
        List<List<Integer>> mainList;
        int[] candidates;
        int target;
        public List<List<Integer>> combinationSum(int[] candidates, int target) {
            this.mainList = new ArrayList<>();
            this.candidates = candidates;
   = target;
            backtrack(new ArrayList<>(), 0, 0);
            return mainList;
        private void backtrack(List<Integer> thisList, int currSum, int start) {
            if(currSum > target) return;
            if(currSum == target) {
                this.mainList.add(new ArrayList<>(thisList));
            for(int i = start; i<candidates.length; i++) {
                backtrack(thisList, currSum+candidates[i], i);

    No need to sort the input array or keep track of remaining elements.

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