Longest Univalue Path

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    arrowLeft += left + 1; could simplely be arrowLeft = left + 1;

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    so I started with leetcode 2-3 weeks ago. My efficiency of solving these problems quite low . either I prepare a code with high complexity or I am not able to completely solve the problem or even not able to touch it. I find it easier after looking into the solution, but not able to crack the solution beforehand. efficient way to prepare for coding interviews ?

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    @GuptaCoder007 I've had the same issue and what I've decided to do is to take some online courses on algorithms & data structures. There are many concepts that's best learned before diving into these algorithmic type problems. Lookup some courses on Udemy/Coursera.

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    I do not understand the arrow concept:

    We can think of any path (of nodes with the same values) as up to two arrows extending from it's root.

    could you elaborate?

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