BFS solution in Java

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    I couldn't find any BFS solution in Java, so here you go.
    Main idea: The number of levels BFS traverses in the graph to reach n, is the solution.

    class Solution {
        public int numSquares(int n) {        
          //A regular queue
           Queue<Integer> queue = new LinkedList<Integer>();
            int levels = 0;
                int size = queue.size();
             // This loop helps us keep track of levels
                while(size-- > 0){
                    int x = queue.poll();
              // push only those values which do not exceed n                          
                    for(int i=n; i>0; i--){
                           if  ((x + i*i) == n)   return levels + 1;
                           else if((x + i*i) < n)    queue.offer(x+i*i);                        
                levels ++;               
            return levels;  

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    I think you could add two condition check before x+ii == n to save some time;
    one is x+i
    i > n the other is visited check manage to speed up the run time from 1xxx to 405;

     if (x+i*i > n || visited[x+i*i]){

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