A clean c++ AC solution, brute force, no strlen needed.

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    class Solution {
        int strStr(char *haystack, char *needle) {
            int i = 0;
            while (true) {
                char *p1 = haystack;
                char *p2 = needle;
                for (; *p1 == *p2 && *p1 != 0 && *p2 != 0; p1++, p2++) {}
                if (*p2 == 0) return i;
                if (*p1 == 0) return -1;
            return -1;

    If the end of haystack is met first, the loop (and the function) can be safely terminated by returning -1, to avoid TLE for long needle. If the end of needle is met first, it is a success matching. It is the same brute-force algorithm but no need to get any strlen at first.

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