Simple Java solution with Set but not Map. 中文版

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    一开始用Set存,发现[0,-1,1]不对,这是因为我们的递归把整颗树的和存入了Set,如果恰好树总和是0,那么0/2也一定也已经被存在Set里了. 那么其实只要先不存整个树的和就好了.

    We can actually use Set to store subtree sums, but remember not to store the total tree sum into the Set for edge case like [0, -1, 1]

        public boolean checkEqualTree(TreeNode root) {
            if (root == null) return false;
            Set<Integer> set = new HashSet<>();
            int left = treeSum(root.left, set);
            int right = treeSum(root.right, set);
            int sum = root.val + left + right;
            return sum % 2 == 0 && sumset.contains(sum/2);
        public int treeSum(TreeNode root, Set<Integer> set) {
            if (root == null) return 0;
            int sum = root.val + treeSum(root.left, set) + treeSum(root.right, set);
            return sum;

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