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    Here I use 'x' and 'y' to record the position of each node and use sorted dictionaries to store the ordered node value.

    public class Solution {
        public IList<IList<int>> VerticalOrder(TreeNode root) {
            SortedDictionary<int, SortedDictionary<int, List<int>>> dict = new SortedDictionary<int, SortedDictionary<int, List<int>>>();
            IList<IList<int>> res = new List<IList<int>>{};
            helper(root, 0, 0, dict);
            foreach(var dic in dict){
                List<int> list = new List<int>();
                foreach(var item in dic.Value){
            return res;
        private void helper(TreeNode node, int x, int y, SortedDictionary<int, SortedDictionary<int, List<int>>> dict){
            if(node == null) return;
                if(dict[x].ContainsKey(y)) dict[x][y].Add(node.val);
                else dict[x].Add(y, new List<int>(){node.val});
            } else {
                dict.Add(x, new SortedDictionary<int, List<int>>());
                dict[x].Add(y, new List<int>(){node.val});
            helper(node.left, x-1, y+1, dict);
            helper(node.right, x+1, y+1, dict);

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