Why not this straight forward solution?

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    I didn't see any performance difference with this solution https://discuss.leetcode.com/topic/58301/simple-reservoir-sampling-solution?page=1

    I think the question is not clear, it only requires "randomly output the index of a given target number", but not make it clear whether the probability should be 1/(number of target) or 1/(number of whole array numbers)

    class Solution {
        Random random;
        int[] origin;
        public Solution(int[] nums) {
            random = new Random();
            origin = nums;
        public int pick(int target) {
                int idx = random.nextInt(origin.length);
                if(origin[idx] == target){
                    return idx;

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    Hmm, O(1) extra space, expected O(n) time per pick... I wish I had thought of this :-)

    But how could the probability be 1/(number of whole array numbers)? As soon as the array has different values, that wouldn't add up to 1.

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