Well-defined invariant based concise c++ solution

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    Note: the duplicate nodes are not being deleted in this code

    class Solution {
        ListNode* deleteDuplicates(ListNode* head)
            if (!head || !head->next)
                return head;
            ListNode pre_new_head(0);
            pre_new_head.next = head;
            auto tail = &pre_new_head;
              - tail is last node in the (new) list with only unique elements
              - tail->next is the next node whose uniqueness determination is pending
            auto it = head;
            do {
                it = it->next;
                if (!it || it->val != tail->next->val) {
                    if (tail->next->next == it) // tail->next is unique
                        tail = tail->next;
                    tail->next = it;
            } while (it);
            return pre_new_head.next;

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