java 33ms beats 97.42% solution with explanation

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     public static boolean validPalindrome(String s) {
            return validPalindrome0(s.toCharArray(), 0, s.length() - 1, false);
        //since there are at most one delete chance, use a boolean variable to indicate if the chance has used
        public static boolean validPalindrome0(char[] chs, int start, int end, boolean deleted) {
            while (start <= end) {
                if (chs[start] == chs[end]) {
                }else if (!deleted) {
                     *  if the delete chance has not been used, just delete character at start and character
                     *  at end in two ways and mark the deleted variable as true
                    return validPalindrome0(chs, start, end - 1, true)
                            || validPalindrome0(chs, start + 1, end, true);
                }else {
                    //if chs[start] != chs[end] and deleted chance has used just return false
                    return false;
            return true;

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