Please add one more test case

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    I misunderstood the description but still got AC.
    Please add this test case:
    ["MapSum", "insert", "insert", "insert", "sum"]
    [[], ["apple",3], ["ap",4], ["apple",5], ["ap"]]

        Map<String, Integer> valueMap;
        Map<String, Integer> prefixMap;
        /** Initialize your data structure here. */
        public MapSum() {
            valueMap = new HashMap<>();
            prefixMap = new HashMap<>();
        public void insert(String key, int val) {
            StringBuilder temp = new StringBuilder();
            for (int i = 0; i < key.length(); i++) {
                prefixMap.put(temp.toString(), valueMap.containsKey(key)? val : 
                                       prefixMap.getOrDefault(temp.toString(), 0) + val);
            valueMap.put(key, val);
        public int sum(String prefix) {
            return prefixMap.getOrDefault(prefix, 0);

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