Java Two pointers - O(n) time O(1) space

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    Two pointers approach to check if s forms a palindrome.
    When it's not a palindrome, skip one char, either from left or right to see if it still forms a palindrome. Return true if it's a palindrome else false

    class Solution {
        public boolean validPalindrome(String s) {            
            if(s.length()==0) return false;
            int left = 0, right = s.length()-1;        
            while(left <= right && s.charAt(left) == s.charAt(right))
                left ++; right --;
            if(left > right) return true;
            if(isPalindrome(s, left+1, right) || isPalindrome(s, left, right-1)) return true;
            return false;        
        public boolean isPalindrome(String s, int l, int r)
            while(l <= r && s.charAt(l) == s.charAt(r))
                l++; r--;
            return l > r ? true : false;            

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