My simple java solution

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    public class Solution {
        public String convert(String s, int nRows) {
            if(nRows <=1)
                return s;
           StringBuilder[] r = new StringBuilder[nRows];
           for( int i=0; i<nRows; i++ )
               r[i] = new StringBuilder();
            int base = nRows+nRows-2;
            char[] toks = s.toCharArray();
            for(int i = 0; i < toks.length; i++)
                int t = i % base;
                if(t < nRows)
            for( int i = 1; i<nRows; i++ )
                r[0].append( r[i] );
            return r[0].toString();

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    why when I input ABC , 2 expected output is ACB , I think the output should be ABC , who can tell me ? why?

    I got it , thanks for nelson3's reply!

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    Your input is:
    when you read each line, is ACB

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    Just realize that the format if off....

    You have 2 rows, so the zigzag pattern will be
    A(0, 0) C(0, 1)
    B(1, 0).
    If you consider the zigzag format as in a matrix form, the digits in the parentheses show the row and column number of the characters in that matrix . Then if you read them line by line (row by row), the result will be ACB.

    Another example is ABCDEFGHIJKL, 4. Now you have 4 rows, the zipzag format of the string will be
    A(0,0) G (0,3)
    B(1, 0) F(1,2) H (1, 3) L (1,5)
    C(2,0) E(2,1) I (2, 3) K (2, 4)
    D(3,0) J (3, 3)
    and the line-by-line output will be AGBFHLCEIKDJ.

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    I assume ABC in two rows representation should be:
    A C
    [second row] B

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    I have the same question with yours. Could you tell me something about it? Why excepted is ACB and output is ACB is wrong.

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