Design Question - A data model for RSS feed reader app (like feedly)

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    1. User can subscribe to many feeds.
    2. Each feed(basically say espn) will keep publishing multiple posts (equivalent of an article).
    3. Each post will have some meta data : url, published_date.
    • Each user logs in, and HomePage is displayed.
    • A HomePage has top 20 latest posts from what feeds he has subscribed.
    • Upon clicking on next, the next 20 results are displayed.
    • There's also feeds_page, where you click on a subscribed feed, and it'll display all the posts from that feed (again top 20, pagination)

    Feed representation.
    A feed is of xml form.. whenever backend polls, let's say (every 1 hour), this xml gets rewritten.
    All the posts may remain same, or new posts may be appended based on how the feed_owner updates the xml (in this case espn).

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    Was this for a new graduate interview?

    Also, by data model, do they just mean draw up some SQL tables?

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