Simple Trie, Python

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    Failed, should update prefix sum
    ["MapSum", "insert", "sum", "insert", "sum","insert","sum"]
    [[], ["apple",3], ["ap"], ["app",2], ["ap"],["apple",4],["ap"]]

    @TianQ said in Simple Trie, Python:

    Trie = lambda: collections.defaultdict(Trie)
    class MapSum(object):

    def __init__(self):
        self.trie = Trie()
        self.seen = set()
    def insert(self, key, val):
        cur = self.trie
        for c in key:
            cur = cur[c]
            if cur[None] and key not in self.seen:
                cur[None] += val
                cur[None] = val
    def sum(self, prefix):
        cur = self.trie
        for c in prefix:
            cur = cur[c]
        if cur[None]:
            return cur[None]
        return 0

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    Thanks for your comments. Yes you are right. Answer updated. Thanks again.

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