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    Hi there,
    I have run into TLE with my first solution that used a set for memorizing ugly numbers we have seen:
    def mySuperUglyNumber(n, primes):
    uglies, h, haveSeen = [],[1], set()
    while len(uglies) < n:
    act = heapq.heappop(h)
    for p in primes:
    if act * p not in haveSeen:
    heapq.heappush(h, p * act)
    haveSeen.add(act * p)
    return uglies[n-1]
    Then I have come up with another approach that gets rid of the set and which was supposed to run a lot faster.
    def mySuperUglyNumber2(n, primes):
    uglies, h = [],[(1,1)]
    while True:
    act = heapq.heappop(h)
    for p in primes:
    if p >= act[1]:
    heapq.heappush(h, (p * act[0],p))
    if len(uglies) == n: return uglies[-1]
    It did solve more test cases. Nevertheless, when I compared the performance of the generator solution and the above two these seem to perform fairly close to one another (sometimes the second solution got worse running time).

    I would appreciate any insightful comment on what is really going on with this second solution.

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