Recursive solution with two pointers.

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    I think this below solution is very easy to understand:

        void fix(TreeLinkNode *r1, TreeLinkNode *r2){
            if(r1 != NULL && r2 != NULL){
                r1->next = r2;
                fix(r1->right, r2->left);
                fix(r1->left, r1->right);
                fix(r2->left, r2->right);
        void connect(TreeLinkNode *root) {
            if(root != NULL)
                fix(root->left, root->right);

    Looking to a parent, we link the parent->left->next with parent->right. We can do it by fix(r1->right, r2->left). But it will not work properly, since we need to solve each subtree also. So we call for each root, their subtrees with: fix(r1->left, r1->right); fix(r2->left, r2->right);
    Note that r1 and r2 represents the left and right child.

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