JavaScript Solution with working 32-bit int check

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    Found over on StackOverflow:

    Bitwise operations in JS convert the number to an integer. So, if you convert your reversed result this is a way to check. Of note, comparing numberA to numberA|0 will still result in equality. I got around it by converting them to strings to check equality.

    Here's my accepted solution with no cheating. :) It could be faster but I'm lazy today.

    var reverse = function(x) {
        var neg = false;
        if (x < 0){
            neg = true;
            x *= -1;
        var result = +(x.toString().split("").map(Number).reverse().join(""));
        if (neg){
            result *= -1;
        if (result.toString() != (result|0).toString()) return 0;
        return result;

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