Can anyone help me with this code? Why it does not work? Thanks!

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    breadth first, only need start and end. find the first not none from left and from right
    because None in the middle has no parents, we cannot use array. next breadth are based on previous. If prv has breadth of 3, then there will be 6 at most in the next. remove only None in the head and tail.
    class Solution(object):
    def widthOfBinaryTree(self, root):
    :type root: TreeNode
    :rtype: int
    if not root:
    return 0
    brd = 2
    mxbrd = 1
    curr = [root.left, root.right]
    while any(curr):
    l, r = 0, 0
    for i in curr:
    if not i:
    l += 1
    for i in curr[::-1]:
    if not i:
    r += 1
    brd = brd - l - r
    mxbrd = max(brd, mxbrd)
    curr = [k for p in curr if p for k in (p.left, p.right)]
    brd *= 2
    return mxbrd

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