[Rotate Array] Different outputs from LeetCode comparing to my own IDLE

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    Here is my code:

    public class Solution {
        public void Rotate(int[] nums, int k) {
            int length = nums.Length;
            k = k % length;
            int[] sub = new int[k];
            int[] sub2 = new int[length - k];
            Array.Copy(nums, length-k, sub, 0, k);
            Array.Copy(nums, 0, sub2, 0, length-k);
            int[] result = new int[length];
            sub.CopyTo(result, 0);
            sub2.CopyTo(result, k);

    Output from LeetCode:

    Input: [1,2], 1

    Output: [1,2]

    Expected: [2,1]

    However, when I run the same code my own IDLE, it did give me the result value [2,1] which is correct.

    Anyone can help me to look at it? Thank you very much!

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