String to Integer in Java 8 without custom overflow checking

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    The basic logic behind this kind of solution is that a = a * 10 + d can be used to append the digit d to a, assuming their signs are compatible. Both the multiplication and the addition here can result in overflow, however, which can be very difficult to efficiently check for.
    Luckily, Java 8 adds methods to the java.lang.Math class that implement this checking for us and throw ArithmeticException if overflow occurs! This exception can then be caught and used to return Integer.MIN_VALUE or Integer.MAX_VALUE as required by the problem.

    Taking all of the above into consideration, the solution is trivial:

    class Solution {
        public int myAtoi(String str) {
            str = str.trim();
            boolean negative = str.startsWith("-");
            if (str.startsWith("-") || str.startsWith("+")) {
                str = str.substring(1);
            try {
                int ret = 0;
                for (char c: str.toCharArray()) {
                    int d = c - '0';
                    if (d < 0 || d > 9) { // or, if allowed: if (!Character.isDigit(c))
                    ret = Math.addExact(Math.multiplyExact(ret, 10), d);
                if (negative) {
                  ret = Math.multiplyExact(ret, -1);
                return ret;
            } catch (ArithmeticException e) {
                return negative ? Integer.MIN_VALUE : Integer.MAX_VALUE;

    Space complexity: O(1) (the size of a few ints)
    Time complexity: O(n) in the length of the String.

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