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    I separated out the case when n = 1. In all other cases, we can always find a palindrome with 2n digits.
    Then for each palindrome I formed, test it whether it can be divided by size n integer.

    class Solution {
        public int largestPalindrome(int n) {
            if(n==0) return 0;
            if(n==1) return 9;
            long start = (long)Math.pow((Math.pow(10,n)-1),2) / (long)Math.pow(10,n)-1;
            long end = (long)Math.pow(10,n-1);
            for(long i = start; i > end; i--){
                String s = new StringBuilder(Long.toString(i)).reverse().toString();
                long formedPali = Long.parseLong(Long.toString(i) + s);
                if(canBeDivide(formedPali,n))  return (int)(formedPali%1337);
            return -1%1337;
        private boolean canBeDivide(long n, int size){
            long div = (long)Math.pow(10,size)-1;
            while(n/div < div){
                if(n%div==0) return true;
            return false;

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