python beat 95%, using map, very straightforward

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    The key idea is to store {len: [dicts]} of input dict. very simple.

    class MagicDictionary(object):
        def __init__(self):
            Initialize your data structure here.
            self.m = {}
        def buildDict(self, dict):
            Build a dictionary through a list of words
            :type dict: List[str]
            :rtype: void
            if not dict:
            for word in dict:
                l = len(word)
                v = self.m.get(l, set())
                self.m[l] = v
        def search(self, word):
            Returns if there is any word in the trie that equals to the given word after modifying exactly one character
            :type word: str
            :rtype: bool
            if not word:
                return False
            l = len(word)
            if l not in self.m:
                return False
            values = self.m[l]
            for val in values:
                diff = 0
                for i in range(l):
                    if val[i] != word[i]:
                        diff += 1
                        if diff > 1:
                if diff == 1:
                    return True
            return False

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