Class Diagram Design for a Cricket score Board

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    It was an Interview Question , interviewer wanted both HLD and LLD. I came up with something like:

    Events API ---> Queuing Mechanism ----> Scorecard system --> display and database

    what i'm looking for here is the view on how the class diagram would look for the score card?

    Every Ball is considered to be an event.

    i Have classes for Ball, Wicket, Team, Player, Over, Run, and Match \n

    Match <-- consists of Teams[2]\n
    Team <-- consists of players[11] each, and RunsScored, Wickets taken etc
    Over <-- consists of balls
    Ball <-- can be of Enum {Extra,Normal, Wicket} and has a ballnumber {1-6} and has Runs Scored
    Run <-- consists of Player, int runs
    Wicket <-- Player whoGotOut, Player whoTookWicket, Player assistIfAny, and is of WicketType{BOLD,CAUGHT,LBW,STUMPED,RUNOUT,etc}

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