Hamming Distance bit trick solution (no if/switch blocks used)

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    I assume that the & operator represents bitwise AND operation and the - operator represents the negation operator (i.e. -5 is negation of 5).

    In order to get the last set bit (i.e. a 1 bit) in a base 2 number x, we use x & -x

    Hence x -= x & -x will remove the last set bit from x.

    So, all we need to do is to do bitwise XOR of the given numbers a and b and store their result in a separate variable c so that we know which bits they differ in.

    Now we run the following:

    while c > 0
      c -= c & -c
    return ans

    We are done!

    Asuming complexity of bitwise operations is O(1), Complexity of this algorithm is O(k) where k is the number of set bits in the XOR of the given number.

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