Runtime complexity of exhaustive search?

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    I'm curious what the runtime complexity would be of a naïve exhaustive search algorithm.

    Here is an example:

    def maxNumberExhaustive(self, nums1, nums2, k, current, best):
            if len(current) == k: 
                if self.listCompare(current, best):
                    best[:] = current
            elif len(current) < k:
                for i in xrange(len(nums1)):
                    self.maxNumberExhaustive(nums1[i+1::], nums2, k, current, best)
                for i in xrange(len(nums2)):
                    self.maxNumberExhaustive(nums1, nums2[i+1::], k, current, best)

    Would it be m+n choose k, i.e. the number of subsets of length k from m + n elements?

    (I know this is not an efficient solution, I'm just having trouble analyzing the brute force solution)

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