Using tier + dp, 3ms

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    class Solution {
        struct tie{
            bool isWord;
            map<char,tie*> next;
        vector<int> dp;
        void insert(tie* root, string w){
            for(auto c:w){
                if(!root->next.count(c)) root->next[c] = new tie;
                root = root->next[c];
            root->isWord = true;
        tie * buildTie(vector<string> &wordDict){
            auto root = new tie;
            for(auto w:wordDict) insert(root,w);
            return root;
        bool success(string &s,int i,tie *root){
            if(i>=(int)s.size()) return true;
            if(dp[i]>=0) return dp[i];
            auto p = root;
            for(int j=i;j<(int)s.size();++j){
                if(p->isWord && success(s,j,root)) return dp[i]=1;
                if(!p->next.count(s[j])) return dp[i] = 0;
                p = p->next[s[j]];
            return dp[i] = p->isWord;
        bool wordBreak(string s, vector<string>& wordDict) {
            int n = (int)s.size();
            dp = vector<int>(n,-1);
            auto root = buildTie(wordDict);
            return success(s,0,root);

    1, construct the tie using wordDict
    2, Looking up the whole string.

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