Simple Java Solution with comments using a HashMap and a List

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    public class LRUCache {
        private final int maxCapacity;
        private final Map<Integer, Integer> cache;
        private final List<Integer> lru; // list of LRU items - item at index 0 is ready to be invalidated
        public LRUCache(int capacity) {
            maxCapacity = capacity;
            cache = new HashMap<Integer, Integer>();
            lru = new ArrayList<Integer>();
        public int get(int key) {
            if (!cache.containsKey(key)) {
                return -1;
            // move the key to the end of the LRU list
            return cache.get(key);
        public void set(int key, int value) {
            int val = get(key); // this call also ensures the key gets moved to end of LRU list
            cache.put(key, value); // add or overwrite the value in the cache
            if (val == -1) {
                lru.add(key); // if the value wasn't in the cache, enqueue it
                if (cache.size() > maxCapacity) { // remove item at index 0 if we reached capacit

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    Seems like the underlying implementation of ArrayList does not support constant time access to the element. This solution is getting TLE.

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