Iterative C++ solution with comments - O(1) space complexity

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    class Solution {
        ListNode* swapPairs(ListNode* head)
            if(!head || !head->next)
                return head;
            ListNode *curr = head->next; //will always track even nodes
            ListNode *prev = head; //will be the one previous to the current node i.e. will track odd nodes
            ListNode *last = nullptr;//the last swapped node
                ListNode *temp = curr->next;
                curr->next = prev; //normal swap
                prev == head ? head = curr : last->next = curr; //updating the head or connecting the list
                last = prev; //after swapping, previous represents the last swapped node
                last->next = temp; //connecting the last node with the remainder of the list. *This step is important
                prev = temp; //Moving to the next odd node, if there exist one
                curr = temp ? temp->next : nullptr; //Moving to the next even node, if there exist one
            return head;

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