Question about Using Deque

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    Hey Guys

    I want to solve this problem by using a deque. I put every single ListNode* of the linked list in the deque with their default order. Then I pick ListNode* from both side of the deque and reorder the Linked List. My method failed the last test case but when I debug it in the playground I got correct output in the debug mode. Here I attached my code below and I wonder can anyone help me figure out where my problem is??


    • Definition for singly-linked list.

    • struct ListNode {

    • int val;
    • ListNode *next;
    • ListNode(int x) : val(x), next(NULL) {}
    • };
      class Solution {
      void reorderList(ListNode
      head) {
      deque<ListNode*> mydeq;
      ListNode* cur = head;
      while(cur != NULL)
      cur = cur->next;
      ListNode* f;
      ListNode* b;
      ListNode* last;

           f = mydeq.front();
           if(b != NULL)
               b->next = f;
           last = f;
               b = mydeq.back();
               f->next = b;
               last = b;
       if(last != NULL)
           last->next = NULL;


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