How about a backtracking O(n^2) solution like this?

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    This solution passed 42 tests out of 43, except the last one with a huge test data set with a time limited exception. However, the average time complexity for this solution is still O(N^2), same as DP solution.

    Has any one tried backtracking for this question?


    class Solution {
        private int min = Integer.MAX_VALUE;
        public int minimumTotal(List<List<Integer>> triangle) {
            if (triangle == null || triangle.size() == 0) return 0;
            helper(0, triangle, 0, 0);
            return min;
        private void helper(int cur, List<List<Integer>> triangle, int level, int i) {
            if (level == triangle.size()) {
                min = Math.min(cur, min);
            int a = triangle.get(level).get(i);
            helper(cur + a, triangle, level+1, i);
            if (i < level) {
                int b = triangle.get(level).get(i+1);
                helper(cur + b, triangle, level+1, i+1);    

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