Can anyone share an clean iterative solution?

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    I saw most of us complete this problem by a simple recursion, and the answers are quite similar to each other, for example, my recursion sol:

    TreeNode* trimBST(TreeNode* root, int L, int R) {
            if(!root) return NULL;
            if(root->val < L) return trimBST(root->right, L, R);
            if(root->val > R) return trimBST(root->left , L, R);
            root->left  = trimBST(root->left , L, root->val);
            root->right = trimBST(root->right, root->val, R);
            return root;

    But in an real interview, I was asked to finish this problem without recursion as a follow-up.
    At that time, what I did was starting from a normal iterative version of post-order traverse and tried to build my solution on top of that, which leads to a very messy page of codes and the interviewer seems to be unsatisfied with my answer.
    So can anybody share an clean iterative solution?

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