what is wrong with DFS+ memorization?

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    class Solution {
        enum action {FLAT,BUY,SELL};
        int maxProfit(vector<int>& prices) {
            vector<vector<int>> states(prices.size(),vector<int>(3,-1));
            return dfs(0,states,prices,FLAT);
        int dfs(int idx, vector<vector<int>> states,vector<int>& prices,action _action)
            if(idx>=prices.size()) return 0;
            if(states[idx][_action]!=-1) return states[idx][_action];
            int ans = 0;
            if(_action == FLAT)
                ans = max(dfs(idx+1,states,prices,BUY),dfs(idx+1,states,prices,FLAT));
            else if(_action == SELL)
                ans = max(dfs(idx+2,states,prices,BUY),dfs(idx+1,states,prices,FLAT))+prices[idx];
                ans = dfs(idx+1,states,prices,FLAT);
            states[idx][_action] = ans;
            return ans;

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    When are you selling? in all your actions you pass either BUY or FLAT, you never pass SELL so you'll never
    get to the code where you actually SELL

    Not that used to c++ anymore so take it with a grain of salt, but I think that's where the mistake lies.

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