First time share my code, using hashset. only beats around 25%

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    Since the elements are all above 0, once I visited an element, I reassign -1 to it.
    advice and criticize are both welcome.

    public int arrayNesting(int[] nums) {
          int max = 0;	
    		for(int i =0;i<nums.length;i++)
    			Set<Integer> myset = new HashSet<Integer>();
    				int index = nums[i];
    				if(index == -1 || myset.contains(nums[i]))
    					nums[i] = -1; // since the elements are all above 0, once I visit one element
    //					I reassign -1 to it, meaning that this one has already been visited
    					i = index;  // update i to keep visiting to avoid recursive.
    			}while(i!=-1); // as long as the next index I am visiting has not been visited.
    			max = Math.max(max, myset.size());
    		return max;

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