python stack iterative solution(Similar to 'Flatten Nested List Iterator')

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    Put everything into a stack. If the top element == 'end', decrement the depth. If the top element == Integer, do the calulcation. Else put the nested list on to the stack and increment the depth.

    class Solution(object):
        def depthSum(self, nestedList):
            :type nestedList: List[NestedInteger]
            :rtype: int
            if not nestedList:
                return 0
            st = nestedList[::-1]
            res = 0
            depth = 1
            while st:
                cur = st.pop()
                if cur == 'end':
                    depth -= 1
                elif cur.isInteger():
                    res += cur.getInteger() * depth
                    lst = cur.getList()
                    depth += 1
                    st = st + ['end'] + lst[::-1]
            return res

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