[Java] Solution with array modification time ~22ms

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    Detailed explanation: solution

    class Solution {
        public boolean checkPossibility(int[] nums) {
        int l = nums.length,cnt = 0;       
          for(int i=0;i<l-1 && cnt<=1;++i){         
           if(nums[i]>nums[i+1]){          //e.g. [2,2,3,2,4] 3>2 
                      if(nums[i-1]<=nums[i+1])  //if number is lesser or equal modify nums[i] 
                         nums[i] = nums[i-1];  // to the previous number. 2<=2 modify nums[i] =2 
                       else                      //in all other cases modify the next number
                         nums[i+1] = nums[i];  //to the current number to match the sequence
            return cnt<=1;

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